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Brian G. Rogers is a native of Columbus, Ohio born to the parents of Vera M. Rogers and William Moody on December 20, 1989. Brian has one older sister, Brittany Nicole Rogers, the Founder of Divine Connections, LLC. At a very young age, Brian’s father left the home leaving his mother as a single parent to raise two children. Brian was left with no male figure to teach him how to be a man. Additionally, Brian’s father’s absence, forced Brian to grow up in a family comprised of mostly women. Brian witnessed the women in his family sharing in the same tumultuous relationships. The treatment of the women in his family, led Brian to realize the importance of leading, honoring, cherishing, and respecting the woman. A strong passion for chivalry began to brew inside of Brian and at the age of 14 he sat down and began to write in a 70-page spiral notebook, and in 2010, Mr. Rogers, birth Extraordinary Gentlemen and The Ladies Appreciation Tour.

The mission of Extraordinary Gentleman is to develop leaders, promote brotherhood and spiritual development while providing service and making an impact within the community. Mr. Roger’s possesses a deep passion and aspiration to educate today’s youth on their worth, to respect others and to be respected because he realizes how self – worth and self-respect translates into a successful life for each child he encounters.

The Ladies Appreciation Tour is an annual event designed to honor and respect the woman by providing six-hours of coddling. The women in attendance are able to have massages to relieve day-to-day stress, manicures, makeovers, and even professional photographs to memorialize the day. Additionally, the women are serenaded by the young Extraordinary Gentlemen to songs like, “My girl and I’ll Be There” placing a smile on every face in attendance. At the end of the day, every woman in attendance leaves in anticipation of the next event and with a great appreciation for the men who still understand the need to be a King.

In 2015, Brian launched a unisex clothing line called Grown Man Season Apparel, designed to empower men and women who understand the necessity of operating as Kings and Queens and living out those priestly qualities.

Today, Mr. Rogers is known throughout the community as a Visionary, Community Activist, Leader, Mentor, Influencer, and Gentleman due to his affiliation with local community ambassadors, organizations and his appearance on local news channels to generate awareness on topics such as: domestic violence, youth empowerment and community affairs. When Mr. Rogers was asked, “What motto do you live by?” he emphatically stated, “I AM ONLY HERE TO SERVE.” To anyone who has crossed paths with Mr. Rogers, will know that being an Extraordinary Gentlemen is more than a title- it is a way of life.


Brian G. Rogers

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